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CDN Technologies Ltd. (CDN Tech) is a provider of comprehensive solutions uniquely tailored to its customers' needs. Established in 2009 to address tailor-made LED-based lighting solutions for variety of applications. The company designs and develops mechanical and electromechanical systems according to client requirements including all stages from design, prototypes to commercial production.

CDN Tech offers lighting products for military, police and HLS applications requiring IR and unique LED lighting solutions.

CDN Tech. also specializes in development and production of LED based lighting and autonomous solar systems.

Our products are installed on verity of law enforcement vehicles, production equipment, and industrial machinery.


We provide a one stop shop!

CDN is able to deliver fast and flexible solutions to our customers, most of our products are specially designed and planned to our customer needs. We can deliver a desired solution at a fast response with high quality standards. 


Main Areas of Activity

-  Custom made IR solutions according to client specification.

-  Design and manufacture of LED lights for special vehicles

-  Vehicle lighting and marking systems.

-  Lighting devices for industrial machines  

-  Autonomous, Solar powered systems

-  LED-based solar-powered traffic signs.

-  Design service for variety of electromechanical systems



Our team is built out of experienced engineers with a profound operation experience and a vast technical knowledge in electro mechanical, optical and electric engineering. This unique combination enables CDN tech to provide a fast and unique design and product solution.


Doron Carmel Founder and CEO

"Answering the needs of our customers, requires ongoing dedication and awareness to developments and innovations."


Doron Carmel is mechanical engineer B.Sc,. MBA in business administration. With 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing engineering in a verity of high-tech leading organizations. 

 Quality & Standards

Adhering to international quality standards, MIL.STD and other specialized standards requirement is at the core of our activity and implemented in all our business operations.

Our product design and engineering as well as our production line follows strictly regulated internal procedures and processes that ensure that all are products are reliable, safe and functional as defined in the design specifications.
Products designed for military, security and law enforcement forces are compliant to all relevant MIL.STD requirements.

CDN Tech facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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